So, this isn’t the ‘Best of 2019’ blog post I’d promised on my Instagram feed… that is uh, still coming! My bad…

But in working out my best bits from last year, I realised that I have heaps and heaps of weddings to blog about. I’m not still not up to speed on keeping the blog thing regular and now, I’m about to blog a wedding out of sync with the rest but, I’m having one of those reflective moments and as this is to date, the most intimate wedding I’ve ever photographed, I felt like now would be a good time to show it.

Becky and Mickey got married in early May. Just 20 minutes down the road from me at the beautiful Montagu Arms hotel. I’ve always admired it but, not having shot there before and having this strange aversion to staying in hotels less than a couple of hours from home, I hadn’t had a chance to take it all in.

It didn’t disappoint and it gave the perfect backdrop to a wedding with just 6 people including the Bride and Groom.

These guys, honestly have such big hearts. Everyone I work with is lovely. I think it’s the nature of how informal I come across that anyone who’s going to be a bit ‘cold’ isn’t remotely interested in working with me but these guys had their wedding cake cut early so I could take some home.

I’m beyond grateful to them both for having me. Their day was all about moments and family. They’re the two main reasons why I got into this jazz in the first place.

Here are some of my favorite frames: