It always takes me a little while to work out how to start off these blog posts. What aspect do I focus on first? How can I convey how amazing it all was without using the word amazing, seventeen times in a row… 

I guess, I should start at the beginning. 

I’ve known Hayley for a few years now. I can’t recall exactly how many years but I had a full head of hair when I first met her and that must’ve been like, at least 10 years ago. 

She is absolutely lovely. She is one of those people that just immediately puts you in a happy place just by being around so when I got that first message on facebook after seeing her put up an engagement post – I was pretty damn excited from the offset. 

We met up, we chatted, laid out some plans and then boom – the wedding day was here.

Now, if you’ve not been there – Parley Manor is staggeringly beautiful – Hayley had told me she literally fell in love with the place from the offset and it’s probably impossible not too. The staff are all lovely too which no doubt helps seal the deal. 

With the sun out and everyone having an awesome day I got to do my thing – unbeknown to me I was getting a bit sunburnt but it was all so damn good – I didn’t even notice my head turning into a shade of tomato! 

Here are some of my favorite frames: