Google Ads Built And Managed For You

It’s not exactly a secret that most of us totally screw up our ad campaigns when we try out Google Ads. We follow it’s little ‘smart campaign’ tool and a wedge of cash later… we’re wondering if it even did anything and how these other jammy shits seem to get it working… 

That’s where I’ve been lucky – As a total nerd, I’ve been soaking up everything I can about running Google ads for 5+ years.

I’ve built not only my business using them but other people’s businesses too. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for more regular enquiries. Wanting to ditch wedding fairs where you feel like a tick in a box rather than valued or the wolves are at your door and coming for your business.

I can help. 

So let’s pack all that negative jazz up, pop it back into Pandora’s box where it belongs and get back to the thing we love most – Stealing canapes, taking beautiful wedding photos and getting slightly freaked out by the pile of images we need to edit! 

“One of the best things is how insightful this has been for me and my business. I can see what works now. I’ve found my voice”


The ads I'm going to build for you, are unique to you.

No Copy & Paste - No Templates - No Bullshit

So, first thing you need to know – we’re going for the long game here. I’m not interested in building an ad that’ll run for a week and then die off. 

All of these platforms optimise the more time, effort and investment you put into it. So that’s the goal. To build something that you can depend on for year after year.

There is a saying about paid ads that they ‘amplify’ what is working. It’s true. By extension, it also amplifies what isn’t working. 

That’s why this process isn’t just about making you an ad and walking away. I will be checking over every facet of your business to make sure it’s a well oiled machine and ready to spread its wings.

“Roderick is a wizard. Copywriting, advert-creating legend. His ad has brought in so much business for my photography business it’s insane. my return on investment is in the 1000’s of %”


What's included:

  • Six weeks Of Google Ad building, tweaking & optimising
  • Support & guidance in every way about every part of your business
  • As Many Google Meet Calls as you need
  • Feedback on your email replies and follow-up process
  • Full website review, analytics overview and feedback on any bottlenecks
  • An emotional investment in your business & your success (seriously, this matters to me)
  • No hidden fees or secret invoices ready and waiting to come at you

So, Who Am I?

Hey! I’m Roderick Alan but seriously, just call me Rod. 

I’m a 37-year-old nerd with ADHD who loves Lego, Star Wars, photography and well, marketing. 

I’ve been a wedding photographer for over 11 years now and I’ve loved every second of it however, back in 2017, It looked like my time in the industry was at an end. 

I had 3 weddings booked in. You and I both know that isn’t enough to sustain a business so I was facing the very real reality of having to shut up shop. 

So I got stuck in and learnt how to market my business. Now, I’m here to give you a chance to bypass the years and years of learning and the thousands of pounds of investing in training AND bad ads so you can skip ahead to the good bit – An inbox filling up with enquiries! 

“Honestly guys, It’s the best money I’ve ever spent. Trust is a huge factor when you’re a one-man band like myself and you can trust this guy to smash to knock it out of the park because it matters to him, you matter to him and the future of your business matters to him!”


What's The Cost?

My fee, excluding ad spend is £475.

My aim has always been that a single booking coming from your ads should recover your investment in me and then each one there after is profit for you.

Ad spend can vary but I’ll always aim to find a balance of what works for you & ensures the ads bring in the results.

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