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My ethos is pretty simple. Whatever size wedding you’re planning, be it in a pub, posh hotel, or field, I’m all in. I’m behind you all the fucking way. If you’re looking for an easy-going photographer who’ll keep you chilled out all day, then deliver a stack of awesome photos filled with your loved ones? Then read on…

A photographer You can just be yourselves with

I’m going to spare you the cheese and the bullshit. My passion is in documenting you guys as you are. I don’t want to photograph my interpretation of you. I want you. 100%. Unfiltered. Having the time of your life. 

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“Holy shit Rod, they’re incredible. I’m in fucking tears!”

Jack & Darren

“You want to know what love is to me? It’s barely holding on and gritting your teeth, knowing what I hold is more precious than gold”

The Amity Affliction

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“We’ve had the photos back, and they’re incredible. Rod was simply like one of the guests of the day. So many of our guests said how fun he was and how brilliantly he matched the vibe of the day. He really blended in and truly was one of us. If we did it all again, would 100% have the same photographer.”