Montagu Arms Weddings // Jack & Jade

I remember getting an email asking if I was around for a lil’ mid-week wedding… These guys took the trophy for the smallest wedding I’ve ever photographed.

4 people in total. By the time I arrived, I ended up accounting for 20% of the people present during their day.

I think if you jumped in a DeLorean and went back a few years, people would freak at the idea of a small, intimate wedding – it wasn’t how things were done right? It was ALWAYS a big, weekend affair that would totally compromise your house deposit savings if you hadn’t already invested in some bricks and mortar.

I’ve now shot 3 ‘micro’ weddings at The Montagu Arms and each one has been beautiful.

I guess, it’s like a shot of espresso – bare with cos’ I hate coffee so this might be a shit analogy I’m about to make however, everything is there – the emotions, the moments, the love, the good vibes. It’s all there.

It is, if anything, concentrated – see, the espresso thing kinda works right?!

Jack & Jade travelled down from Manchester to stay a few days and of course, get hitched in the stunning Beaulieu which is literally 5 minutes from my house now – Sorry what’s that? Lucky bastard? Yeah, I won’t argue.

Here are my favourite frames:

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