So uh, how does this all work?

You know, before I became a wedding photographer, man I was ignorant – I assumed it was just a dress, photographer, venue, and a kick-ass cake… 

If you’d asked me back then what a wedding favor was, I’d have guessed someone lending you their car to get to the ceremony! 

So, here is my breakdown of how I work… what I charge and generally just the info you need! 

*Spoiler Alert* – The way I work is painfully simple cos’ who wants more red tape in their life? Not me and I imagine if you’re here… not you either! 

The really mega, super important bit…

Honestly, picking a photographer isn’t just about images. If you’re here looking for the best photographer in the world, I’ll fall short.

Your relationship with your photographer is to me, one of the most important bits. 

You know how it works – they’ll be following you all day. Mixing with your family and if you think they’re an annoying dick, it’ll get old real fast. 

In order for this to work, I have to be myself and you have to be yourselves. That is what translates into epic photographs.

“I highly recommend Rod – as a Wedding Planner, it’s so important that your client selects suppliers that are professional, top of their game, and deliver – and Rod is/does just that! He’s great to have around too, a fantastic character with a no-fuss/drama attitude and I love how he allows the day to unfold and capture the magic as it happens.”

My Style

My editing style is based heavily on old film types. For me, there is this kind of beautiful nostalgia with that style. I am a bit partial to black and whites! It reminds me of being a tiny kid who still had hair, being around my grandparents and having a rummage in old photo albums looking at pictures of when my dad still had hair… Anyway, back to the point…

My images don’t follow fashion trends as I don’t want you to look back and think ‘God, that was so 2020!!’ I ADORE grain in images, it gives them texture and I’m properly in love with having a foreground in an image – it adds depth but does mean I’m sometimes lurking in bushes which, I admit – looks strange! But years from now you’ll get to enjoy killer images because of it! WIN.

My Approach

I shoot in a documentary style, shooting your wedding pretty much as a guest with a camera. Well, a guest with two cameras and leather harness thing which, I suppose if a normal guest wore you’d be like ‘mate, what are you wearing?’ But I digress…

That all loosely translates to, I take pictures of all sorts of cool stuff as it unfolds. I move around, chatting with your guests, having a laugh, and making everyone feel super chilled.

Your portrait session will be the only time I’ll offer up any suggestions on where I want you guys. It’s cool if you’re worried you’ll feel awkward. My job is to make sure you rock this bit.

I view it as I’m with you for two reasons. The first is to simply be of service. Do you want group shots? Epic. Let’s punch some out. The second is to take beautiful, creative photos like the ones you’re seeing on my website but, for you!

“Rod is probably the nicest guy you will ever meet. He has been exceptional throughout 2020. We managed to have a little lockdown wedding in October and it was perfect, made better by Rod’s photos. We honestly love all of them. We were also lucky enough to have an engagement shoot with Rod and I would thoroughly recommend one to all couples! If you are on the fence about booking Rod then all I can say is do it!! Do it right now!!” – Lucy & Dan

Let’s talk cold, hard cash… 

I’ve always been a huge fan of simplicity. I hate packages and I can’t imagine why I’d hold images hostage on my computer because you didn’t opt for the right one. So I have one price. Nothing held back.

Full day Coverage is £2000

£250 is taken from that to secure your booking, with the remaining balance due a month before your wedding.

I’m totally happy to give you a price for shorter bookings just fire me an email and let me know the deal.

I’ve turned into one of those ‘I can only accept a certain number of weddings’ folk due to setting up a second company during the 2020 lockdown so, yeah. Sorry to be a dick.

If you’re getting married outside of Hampshire/Dorset, I might need a lil’ premier inn… bloody love a premier inn.

But I digress… I’m as easy and flexible as humanly possible so if you’ve got something you wanna run past me, slide into my DMs and we’ll go from there…

So, what’s included?

Pre Wedding

As many questions as you can think up – My years of experience (no, you can’t have too many fairy lights)

Wedding Day

Coverage of your day – Typically, two hours before the ceremony till people are bustin’ shapes on the dance floor. I don’t rush away after the first dance.

Buttonhole help for the gents!! – Laughs and Jokes – Emergency Safety pins and sunscreen! 

Post Wedding

A collection of beautiful, natural & creative images – a super smooth online gallery for downloading your images and sharing with friends and family – a slideshow of highlights to pull on the heartstrings and make you totally emotional!

Full printing rights to your images & original resolution files with no watermarks, ever! 

Any questions?

Honestly, I get how overwhelming this jazz can all be and whilst I try and keep things quite light I appreciate the might be a few more ‘nitty gritty’ questions you’ve got so here is my snazzy AF FAQ which hopefully helps.

How long do we get you on the day?

So, I don’t really enforce a hard limit on times. It’s your wedding. It’s pretty important TBH. I do however, have limits – I am but a humble human being after all… I personally suggest having me there for longer in the evening so, would suggest I start 2 hours or so before the ceremony. That way, I can get plenty of getting ready shots and still have enough oomph left in me to party on well after the first dance.

Can we chat before we book?

Yes, in fact, it’s one of the most important things for me. Photography is about that relationship and mutual chemistry is so important. A lot of people take beautiful images, we both know that but as someone who’s present from almost the very start of your wedding day onwards, it’s so important to be on the same page and be able to have a good laugh together.  If you’re local or a short drive then in person will always be best – Just let me know if you want to meet at yours, a coffee shop, or a pub. If you’re a bit of a stomp or timings are hard, we can jump on WhatsApp video chat – it’s damn near perfect!!

How do we book you?

Booking is really simple. Once we’ve chatted and if you want to go ahead, a £300 deposit is required to secure your date. The balance that is outstanding is to be paid no later than one calendar month before your wedding, just to keep things easy.

We're a bit awkward in front of the camera..

I know it’s not everyone’s favorite moment having a camera pointed at them. A huge part of my role is to make people feel comfortable and put them at ease. Doesn’t matter if it’s yourselves, your parents or your third cousins, twice removed. My super informal nature is one of the best ways to achieve this. I don’t bark orders so just be yourselves and mostly ignore me.

When do we get our images?

I always aim for 2-6 weeks. Peak season (May onwards) this can push back. If you ever want an update or some sneak peeks then just get in touch with me. The editing is a lengthy process as that’s where each and every image comes to life in my opinion. I work hard to ensure your collection is the best I can produce but I won’t rush it. It’s too important to just try and punch out to get them over faster. You’ll receive around 400+ images for a typical full days coverage. Any technical duds or test shots are deleted immediately.

How do we get our images?

I use an amazing online gallery tool to get your digital copies over to you. You’re provided with a link so you can download them in high res! The gallery link can be shared with your friends and family and whilst I’m happy for anyone to access and download them, if you want it password protected then I can take care of that. You also get a totally emotional slideshow set to music with my favorite frames. This can be downloaded too.

Do we have to pose?

Most of my couple portrait images have very little direction from me and as such, I don’t see them so much as posed shots just natural ones. I tend to put you guys where I want you and then let you just be together and I shoot. It’s one of the only moments you get together almost alone so enjoy it. If you’re an affectionate couple then jump in for some extra hugs, it’s all good!

Can we have an engagement shoot?

Of course! I charge £295. Once your deposit has been paid we can chat dates. Please be aware that weekends are typically harder for me to book in due to weddings. For these, I do a digital-only package – so I pop the photos in an online gallery like the one you’ll receive for your wedding. 

Can we have group shots?

Fuck yeah! 100%. I know not everyone enjoys having them done but I know their importance. Whilst the artistic nature of my photography is important and a big factor in how I shoot, I’m also there to be of service. If you need to grab me for some shots at any point, just ask. I do limit the number of formal shots to around 10.

Will you capture all of our guests?

I endeavor to ensure I’ve captured your day fully and for me, part of that is of course your guests but it’ll be an almost impossible task for me to ensure I have a shot of each and every person attending. If there are people who you’d like shots of in particular, just point them out to me and I’ll make sure I get it covered. 

I want all the photos!

When I deliver your images, I’ll have delivered everything that I have to give. I don’t ever hold back quality images as there is no reason. Technical duds and blinking shots are all removed immediately as they’re not what people want to see of themselves and aren’t in line with my ethos as a photographer. If I have delivered a shot in black and white and you require it in colour or vise versa then please let me know as I’m more than happy to make the alteration but I would never deliver a set of full colour and full black and white. It’s so important that you trust in me as a photographer to ensure you have the very best. 

What’s in the contract?

Nothing sinister or out of place. I’m not interested in operating my business as a soulless corporation. Wedding Photography is all about people to me so, it’s all on a nice, fair level. It protects me in the event of anything going askew and it protects you in the event I break a leg or something equally shit.

Feeling it? Hit the button below if you are!

“Rod oh my god. They are fucking fantastic!!! Happy with them is an understatement. I’m in tears looking at them.”