My Style

My style is a mix of natural & artistic. I’m always trying to find beautiful light. I’ve always got my eye out for the moments that make your day or the little details that you so lovingly put into your wedding.

When it comes to editing, my style is what you’d call ‘Film’. You seem proper film cameras have this way of capturing something so beautifully, and that’s what I’m trying to replicate here.

I hope one day I’ll have the balls to shoot a wedding on film… But anyway, that sense of nostalgia you’d get looking over an old photo album of your grandparents? 

That. That is what I love, and it’s what I’m aiming for with each photograph I take.

I shoot with Fuji X cameras because they’re small and quiet, and people tend not to notice or care what I’m doing. Plus, they’re bloody amazing!

The Approach

It’s hard to really sum up my approach to shooting a wedding. 90% of it is documentary. That means that I focus on events happening around me (sorry for the unintentional shit pun), and so I’m on the lookout for laughs, hugs, and happy tears.

I am, in short, looking to tell the day as a story using images. I want someone to feel exactly what the day felt like, even if they weren’t there.

During portraits, I will make subtle suggestions. I get it. Being ‘posed’ is shit, right? But leaving you to look wooden and terrified looks worse, so only if you really don’t feel totally loosened up by the time portraits come around, I’ll just give small pointers, so you look a bit more at ease.

Basically, I don’t want you to have shit photos. That’s the gist.

I am happy to do group shots. Just so you don’t spend all of your drinks reception stood in one spot, I’d suggest capping them at like ten or so; likewise, if they’re important – I’m game for whatever you need.


You see, I’ve always just had my ‘full day package’. That’s two hours before the ceremony and well into all the partying! I edit all the good images, remove the duplicates or photos that make me look like I’ve never picked up a camera before and edit them up and fire them over in a snazzy gallery with a slideshow.

So here’s the deal… If you want everything I just said above, that’s £1800. 

Taken as £300 deposit and £1500 a month before the big day. 


At the risk of coming across like an awkward dick… If you want/need less, then tell me. Tell me how many hours and where and what your budget is, and let’s see if we can work something out. I’d much rather party with you guys.

“Absolutely amazing photos! Really went all out on the day. Rod just blended in. To the point, we didn’t even notice Rod taking photos. We are so happy with the photos! A real artist at work. Thank you so much, Rod”

Jonny & Jo


  • Do You Travel?

    Yeah, absolutely. I don’t charge mileage. I may need accommodation depending on how far away you guys are from my home in the New Forest. 

  • Can We Get An Engagement Shoot?

    Yeah, if it’s something you’re interested in, just let me know and we’ll sort one out! 

  • How Soon Do We Get Our Images

    I always aim to deliver them within 6-12 weeks depending on how much workload I have on. If I’m shooting a ton of weddings in a block, then it pushes the delivery window. 

    One thing I will say for certain, however, is that I never rush them to meet a deadline. It’s a guide rather than a ‘Your pizza is free if delivery takes more than 20 minutes’. 

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