About Me

It has to be the ultimate fucking cliche to read about how a photographer loves their job. That said, I used to sit in an office with a phone strapped to my head, trust me, I bloody love my job!

I’m now in my thirties and whilst it seems to have gone in a flash, I’ve done and experienced so much. I’ve been lucky enough to meet Justyne, who is the love of my damn life and the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me! Competing for that top spot is our pugs; Kylo & Finn.

I am a people person at heart. I love having a laugh and a joke with people and getting to know their stories. I think that’s the most important quality in my photography. I put people at ease and then they’re just themselves which translates into beautiful photographs.

I am also a hardcore and unashamed geek – I adore Star Wars. I have bought more Lego as an adult than I ever did as a kid. I’ve even stuck a transformers badge on the back of my Pickup Truck! I promise you it’s WAY cooler than it sounds having typed that out…

“Rod was simply like one of the guests of the day and I’m fairly sure he was just as popular as I was on the day. So many of our guests said how fun he was and how brilliantly he matched the vibe of the day. He really blended in and truly was one of us.”