About Me

Where to begin… I’m in my mid-thirties. Mentally I think sometimes I’m still 14.  I am ultimately a big kid who loves phat hugs and high-fives. I firmly believe that whilst growing old is a privilege, growing up is entirely optional.

I’m an insanely passionate guy, and I love simply losing myself at a wedding with my camera, I mean that could just be my ADHD brain… I’m great with crushing all those anxious feelings. I swear, so you don’t need to worry about me being all stuffy and dull – likewise, I’m not going to be dropping f-bombs around your nan. 

In fact, the thing I’m probably most proud of is how many of my reviews mention their guests enjoyed me being around. Your photographer will always be a fairly large part of the day, so it’s nice if they’re not a dick.

“Never did I think we would find a photographer like Rod. He truly captured the day exactly as we remember it. Not only are the images absolutely beautiful, but he is just the loveliest person you will ever meet; he made me and my husband feel completely at ease when taking photographs.”

Katie & Gino