Rosie Lea House Wedding // Kieran & Emma

I met Emma at Alex & Cats wedding. She was their bridesmaid. I got an email a few months or so later asking if I was free for their day at Rosie Lea House in Brockenhurst and I was well chuffed to be able to say I was!

Flash forward several months and I’m shooting another wedding, Dom & Sophie, who oddly enough, I’d met at another wedding – there’s a theme here… and this dude from the wedding band comes up to me and asks if I’m Roderick Alan and then tells that I’m shooting his wedding in a few weeks… tiny little world isn’t it?

These two have hearts of gold. I’m going to quickly run out of ways to say ‘We had a damn awesome day…’ and I refuse to drag some AI crap into help me word these so, for now I’ll simply say, we had a damn awesome day!

Here are some of my favourite frames:

To learn more about Rosie Lea House as a wedding venue, check out their website: